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In 2012, Laura first started baking cakes for her kids birthday parties as a hobby. Which later ignited a passion for her, she began to sell cakes through her facebook page. For the past 10 years she has created amazing, delicious, and detailed cakes. She fell in love with bringing ideas to life, to her making cakes is an art. In 2020, during a worldwide pandemic, the Castro family decided to take a risk and invest in a small corner property that later became the start of a new journey, the creation of Dulce de Leche. Laura & her family took a leap of faith and began working on this business for the past year. They faced many obstacles in the process but in the end they created a restaurant that represent their culture and the sense of family that they bring with them.

Dulce De Leche is a Argentine cafe based in Stratford, Connecticut, run by a Mendocino family. We offer various American and Argentine foods, such as facturas, vilgilante, media luna, miguelitos, sandwhiche de miga, empanadas and many more. We also offer specialized cakes. So come down and try the best empanadas in Fairfield county and other Argentine desserts!

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